TBJobs.com Partners with HR Tampa to Provide Members a Powerful and Cost Effective Recruiting Resource

It’s official.  TBJobs.com and HR Tampa have joined forces!  TBJobs.com will officially open its doors in May of 2014.  “Partnering with HR Tampa will accelerate our goals of being a top recruiting resource to the employers of Tampa Bay” said Roger Lear of TBJobs.com.  

Roger and his business partner Scott Kotroba should know.  In Orlando (OrlandoJobs.com) and the insurance industry (GreatInsuranceJobs.com), they have successfully built job boards that today are the leaders in their respective niches.   “We have been working with job board technology since our first site in 2001, and look forward to duplicating that success and experience in Tampa Bay” said Scott Kotroba, President of GreatInsuranceJobs.com.

For a job board to be successful, it takes more than great technology.  Lear states, “We will be doing many community events, speaking engagements, career fairs, volunteer work and work with local nonprofits that directly help dis-advantaged job seekers.  Partnering with HR Tampa will give us a great start on where these opportunities are”. 

TBJobs.com brings a very powerful, mobile and tablet friendly job board to the Tampa Bay market.  It allows job seekers and employers to access the site no matter where they are and organize and communicate from any device or computer in today’s marketplace.  “With mobile traffic over 25% of the visitors to our job boards, we knew our investment to make this the most mobile friendly website in Tampa Bay will be huge for job seekers.  No app download required” Kotroba stated.

The site is open to all Tampa Bay employers.  If you are a HR Tampa (HRTampa.org) member, you will receive discounts and special pricing. 

We would like to thank HR Tampa for joining forces and beginning this journey to become one of the top recruiting resources in the area.

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